Healthcare for a Better and Healthier Tomorrow

Prevention has always been better than cure. Having annual physical examination and taking healthy food supplements are just two of the many ways to ward illnesses off. Yet there are times where illness strikes even if you are living healthily, having a great retail healthcare program will ease not only the patient’s mind but their families, caregivers and employers as well.

The Need

The moment a baby is born, health products are already needed. Nursing pillows, breastfeeding paraphernalia, and diapers are just few of the things that can be purchased in a health gift shop. As the baby reaches the toddler stage, trainer glasses and other utensils are needed. The mother needs to get fit, having exercise equipments and taking food supplements to aid in breastfeeding are needed. Stomach binders are also needed especially for mothers who underwent C-section.

Basically, in every phase of life, there is a healthcare product needed to prevent or cure illnesses.

The Solution

Health is a wealth that we must take care of, there are no cash-and-carry for body spare parts. Retail Healthcare Product is a solution to be provided for individuals, hospitals or healthcare facilities or systems.

The Benefits

Customers or patients will experience what health program or facility they need from hospitals or healthcare system. In this manner, there will be improvement in the patients outcome.

The Business Opportunity

Venturing into the healthcare business is very lucrative in the present times. Studies show that more and more people are health conscious. Succumbing to illness is not an easy ordeal. People flock in wellness centers for health seminars, fitness workshops and other healthful activities. Packaging health or fitness equipment and supplements as gift items make it one of the salable gift shop products.

The Healthcare Business Provider

If you are a hospital, clinic or a healthcare system provider – looking for the right people to trust in retail healthcare products is tough. Here are some guidelines that will identify a great provider:

must have an alliance with the leading healthcare industry experts and resources to assist in identifying and implementation of retail healthcare and e-commerce strategy
has a solid business plan
has a reward point system or point of sale to gain customer’s loyalty
has an online commerce system
can manage the implementation of a unique retail store concept
can provide successful business operation with years of experience
can provide plans and store design for the physical store (for gift shop solutions)
can provide store designs, operation instructions and management for retail pharmacy solutions
can provide the best brands of gift shop and pharmacy items
can improve retail healthcare offering

The Highlights

It is important that a retail healthcare product provider will be able to analyze the latest trend or statistics, facilities and operation to create or formulate recommendation for clients.

Military Spouses – Can You Take Your Career With You When You PCS?

As a military spouse, you’ve probably already encountered how hard it is to make good use of your education and skills when you and your family transfer locations. If your career requires maintaining a license or continuing education credits in order to work, you’ve also discovered how hard that process is not to mention how costly it can be.

Sure, it’s true that the fastest growing areas for job growth are computers, technology; education and healthcare but are careers in these fields portable when you move? If you are a Social Worker or a Teacher, will you be able to hit the ground running when you transfer to say, California from Florida or overseas from the U.S.? If you’re thinking about expanding your career skills or changing careers altogether, these are some serious questions to think about.

Unpacking your Home and your Career – 4 Compelling Ways to Minimize Career Downtime when you PCS

So, how do you maximize your current or newly acquired career skills so that they are transferable? If you’re already working in your career field or heading back to school, research how easy or difficult it may be to find work in your field when you move; wherever you move. Here are some tips to help jump start your research:

If your career requires licensing, find out what you need to do to ahead of your move to keep a valid license.

Teachers, Law Enforcement, HVAC technicians and Healthcare workers are required to be licensed to work in their field in all states and each state has a different set of rules governing licensure. When you prepare for transfer, in addition to getting your family and home ready to PCS, does some leg work about the job front in your new location. Make sure you are ready for what you’ll need to do in order to work in your field.

Use your skills and education to start new career or home-based business.

If you are a realtor, for example, think about jobs in commercial or residential property management companies or real estate brokerages. Your experience with contracts and general real estate law will be invaluable to employers because you can hit the ground running with relatively little training while working to get your state license.

Many state real estate boards have reciprocal agreements that allow you to hold a license without re-examination if you have taken and passed the same exam in your previous state and you’ve met all your continuing education credits, pre-licensing requirements and your license is in good standing.

If you are a teacher, look for jobs as a corporate trainer or explore starting a tutoring or home schooling business. While licensing requirements for tutors and home schooling vary by state, some for example, only require you to work in conjunction with professional evaluators in addition to providing the school district with progress and test results.